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​La Liga Football Schools HK

July 20, 2023, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Hong Kong SAR, China

ODEA! had the privilege of teaming up with La Liga Football Schools Hong Kong to host Real Madrid legend Fernando Morientes in Hong Kong

to kick off the "Reach for the Stars" initiative. 

The programme aims to raise funds through charity matches, with the majority of the proceeds going towards sponsoring dozens of underprivileged but talented youngsters to train at the football school. A special few will be selected to train under La Liga professionals in Spain. 

As a sustainable sportswear startup, ODEA! is deeply inspired by athletes’ mindsets and commitment to their craft. We channel these qualities into our mission to keep plastic waste away from the natural environment and hope to see more local athletes, no matter their sport, compete on the global stage while backed by major sponsors.

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